Absorb Mind

640 XP

MP Cost: 50
Threshold: 4
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: Standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 12 hours
Prerequisite: Ancient Knowledge

The caster eats at least a portion of the brain of another creature's corpse. By doing so, he gains the creature's memories and knowledge to some degree. Upon completing this ritual, the caster is overwhelmed with the sensations of the memories of the brain he has just eaten as the information is ‘digested’. The caster can then examine these memories for information they desire, but retrieving it from the massive amount of ingested information is an act of effort. The caster must make a Concentration skill check against a DC based on the complexity and obscurity of this information. Simple information such as their name, family, home, everyday routine can be gained automatically. Simple information such as the location of their childhood village would require a DC 10, the contents of a book they read a year ago would merit a 15, the exact layout of a fortress including secret passages they lived in years ago would be a 20 while the precise details of a complicated ritual in which each intonation of the words must be correct or damn the caster forever rates a 30 or higher. After the duration of this spell expires the stolen memories fade out of the caster’s mind forever, though the caster may record this information normally while under the influence of the spell.

Once the caster rolls to determine whether she recalls a fact, he cannot attempt to recall that fact again.

Material Component: A fresh or preserved (still bloody) 1-ounce portion of another creature's brain.

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