XP Cost: 170

MP Cost: 20
Threshold: 1
Components: S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft. per two levels)
Target: Any tiny object (1 lb. or less) within range
Duration: Instantaneous
Prerequisite: Cheat
Magic Attack Roll: None if item is not held or worn; opposes the Base Defense of the target if held or worn

This spell allows the caster to effectively steal a small object in the blink of an eye. The caster casts the spell and reaches into a pocket, pouch or other personal container. When he pulls his hand out, if the spell is successful, he will be holding the item he was targeting. Sentient creatures currently wearing or holding the item targeted make the Acquiring slightly more difficult. The item vanishes in the blink of an eye, which can be startling for anyone currently looking at it when it disappears!

If the sorcerer adds +10 to the MP cost of this spell, it will work with larger objects (5lbs. or less). Instead of putting the caster’s hand inside of a container, he must place both of his hands behind some kind of obscuring object. This can be his cloak, behind his back or around a door; anything, so long as no one can see his hands when the spell is cast. When he produces his hands once more, the object will be in them.

If the sorcerer adds +10 to the MP cost of the spell, he may reverse the effect. Whatever the caster holds in his hands is immediately transferred into the hands of a creature he designates at the time of casting. If the subject is holding something else, he drops what he’s holding to hold the gifted object instead. Should the subject have a free hand, it appears in his free hand, assuming it can be held in one hand. If both hands are full, however, he drops all other held objects to hold the gift in both hands.

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