Prerequisites: Alchemical Vicissitude.
XP Cost: 300

The Adepti were created by the magus Vaul during the Time of Heroes as spies and secret police for his Pax Icatia. They were taught the secrets of alchemy, and were further instructed as to the ways manipulating the body to aide them in thier duties. Over the centuries, however, the Adepti chafed under Vaul's rule, and began tom plot the downfall of thier master. The opportunity came when Vaul left to fight the Free Men. Working with the Senate and the Consuls, the Adepti helped solidify the power of the Consuls after the assassination of the magus, and in doing so were granted the authority to conduct their alchemical experiments in whatever manner they saw fit.

To this day, the Adepti are a feared organization. In all the world, there are no better healers, but they have become increasingly obsessed with removing the "flaws" of humans through alchemy. They travel throughout the world now, plying their trade to the highest bidder, and preaching the salvation of the human race through their improvements.

Starting Ability

The Adept learns the ability to create extracts using the blood of humanoids. Producing an extract requires a quantity of blood from a humanoid. Draining enough blood to create one extract deals one point of temporary Constitution damage to the victim. Reducing the blood to a usable state (“rendering”) requires a fully stocked alchemist’s lab and a full day’s efforts by the Adept. Each extract produced requires the expenditure of 100 experience points (to infuse the blood with power), and a Heal skill check. Only the blood from one person may be used (no mixed blood from multiple people.) Note that the blood is ruined if the alchemy check fails.

Each type of extract has a unique appearance, and may be easily be discerned by an Adept. Each extract weighs half a pint per dose, and may be imbibed like a potion. It may also be combined with other extracts to create a cordial. The entire extract must be consumed for the abilities to take effect.


Flesh Sheath
Heal DC: 24
This liquid is a swirling bluish-black. It grants the ability to harmlessly absorb any light weapon you touch (even a poisoned one) into your arm, as long as it is not in another creature's possession. The absorbed weapon cannot be felt under the skin and doesn't restrict your range of motion in any way. An absorbed weapon cannot be detected with even a careful search. The only evidence of the weapon is a faint blotch on the skin that's shaped vaguely like the weapon. When you touch the spot (an action equivalent to drawing a weapon), the weapon appears in your hand, and the effect ends.

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