In Blood & Iron, Alignment is used to reflect the actions and choices your character makes during play. The world is in the middle of a endless struggle between The Powers, and whether or not your character serves them, the choices he makes can advance or hinder their respective causes. As your character becomes more powerful, he begins to be noticed by The Powers, and may be chosen as an agent in their war.

Alignment is broken up into three numbers, each one representing aligned they are with the goals of a particular Power. The higher the number, the more valuable the character is to the respective Power. Humans rarely act consistently, however - they are unlikely to build up large numbers in just one of the three groups. Fortunately, however, The Powers do not care if the character serves the interests of another Power, as long as his actions also serve them. This makes it possible to gain the attention (and even the favor) of multiple Powers at the same time.

At the start of the game, your character's Alignment is set at zero for all three Powers. As they adventure, their actions add points to each alignment, as explained on the chart below.

Action Taken The Gods The Furies The Magi
Frees someone from captivity or slavery -1 +1 +1
Performs an act of charity -1 +1 -1
Heals someone who is mortally ill -1 -1 +1
Imprisons a person or group of people +1 -1 +1
Improper social behavior -1 +0 +0
Kills an Elemental +Creature's HD +Creature's HD +0
Kills a Demon +Creature's HD +0 +Creature's HD
Kills a host who provided food or shelter -2 -2 -2
Kills a sworn enemy in battle/ a fair fight +1 +0 +0
Learns a spell -1 +1 +1
Falls in love +0 +0 +3
Commits murder -1 +1 -1
Refuses charity -1 +1 -1
Rescues someone from danger +1 +1 +2
Summons a demon -1 +1 +0
Takes revenge +1 +1 +0
Speaks with the dead -1 +0 +1

Benefits of Alignment

If a character reaches 20 points or more in any alignment, he is considered a pawn for that Power. Depending on the Power, he gains the following ability:

  • Pawns of The Gods may, as an immediate action, add 1/10 of their Alignment to the Gods to any skill roll or attack roll. This ability may be used 3 times per day.
  • Pawns of The Furies gain 500 XP that must be spent on either spells or the Dabbler feat.
  • Pawns of The Magi gain a +1 bonus to the ability score of their choice.

If a character reaches 60 points or more any alignment, he is considered a knight for that power. Depending on the Power, he gains the following ability:

If a character reaches 100 points or more in any alignment, he becomes a champion for that power. Reality changes in some way as the chosen power grants him gifts that will allow him to better serve them. Depending on the Power, he gains the following ability:

  • Champions of the Furies may be saved from death if it pleases their masters whenever the character would normally die for any reason, roll a d20. If the result of the d20 roll exceeds the character's HD, he dies as normal. However, if the result is equal to or less than the character's HD, the character evaporates in a squirming mass of worms, teeth, and ooze. He reforms eight days and eight nights later in a location chosen by the Furies (usually one that is of some advantage to him, but not always). Reforming in this way causes the character to permanently lose 1 point of Charisma.
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