Size Large
Hit Dice 4d8+15 (22 Hit Points)
Initiative +1
Speed 60 ft.
Defense 10
DR 3
Attacks 2 Hooves (1d4+1 each)
Special Attacks None
Special Qualities Scent
Saves Fortitude +6, Reflex +4, Will +2
Attributes Strength 13, Dexterity 13, Constitution 16, Intelligence 2, Wisdom 12, Charisma 7
Skills Perception +7
Feats None
Climate/ Terrain Any land
Organization Solitary
Challenge Rating ΒΌ
Treasure None

This horse was the premier horse throughout The Land of the Young before the first invasion of the Uruk during the Time of Empires, and its strength and courage are still lauded today. It was the favored mount of kings and princes, and its bloodline was kept relatively pure until the colonization efforts on the Sea of Grass by the Valusians. There, the Brulish bloodline truly began, interbreeding with each other and with the ponies and donkeys of the Sea of Grass to create unusual strains. The famous Lipazza of the Valusian school are considered to be among the purest blooded Andalusian horses remaining in the modern world, and lineages descended from these steeds are known for their incredible strength.

Although recent Valusian horses have been interbred with the Barb stock and the true Andalusians are considered to have a touch of Barb blood, they are still considered to be the "third true horse," or the third lineage to which all other bloodlines of horses can be traced. These horses were primarily bred in the province of Andalas by a fanatical group of nobles who did not wish contact with outsiders. Because of their moderate xenophobia, the Andalusian breed remained fairly pure for several hundred years before and during the Yezid attack on The Land of the Young. It is a strong breed, very distinct from the other major bloodlines, and can easily be distinguished even among a crowd of similarly-colored beasts.

Andalusians and their close cousins, Lusicanos, are very popular among riders seeking stealth, agility, and speed, The Andalusian is known for its incredible catlike agility and intelligence as well as the extremely swift and balanced ride. These horses are born with sleek musculatures that make them capable of incredible acrobatics that other horses cannot hope to match. Although relatively few in number, Andalusians are prized in Valusia and Icatia as the epitome of the light warhorse.

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