Animal Intercessor

Nature Magic
170 XP

MP Cost: 0
Threshold: 1
Components: V
Casting Time: Immediate
Range: One mile per level
Target: One animal that can be found in the local environment
Duration: One round
Saving Throw: None

This spell allows the caster to suffer damage in order to summon an animal from nearby, which arrives instantly to defend him from an attacker. When the spell is cast, the caster chooses to suffer either 2d4, 6d4, or 8d4 points of subdual damage. The animal immediately makes a Reflex save against the attacker’s attack roll. If the saving throw is successful, the animal places itself between the blow and the sorcerer and takes the damage instead. If the caster 2d4 subdual damage, he summons a Medium creature. If the caster 6d4 subdual damage, he summons a Large creature. If the caster suffers 8d4 subdual damage, he summons a Huge creature. The animal will make one attack on the caster’s foe, and then leave unless it is attacked again. Regardless of whether or not the animal is struck, it makes one charge attack against the attacker before leaving.The animal comes thundering out of the jungle or swooping out of the sky to protect the sorcerer for an instant; then it leaves. If the animal is large enough to carry or be ridden by the sorcerer, he may make a Reflex save (DC 15) to mount the animal as it leaves.

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