Cost: 300 sp
Type: Ingested, taste DC 20
Source: Plant, Magical
Crafting: 8 ranks, craft DC 20
Duration: 1d4 minutes

Suitors with more desperation than moral fiber form the primary market for this insidious poison.

1d4 minutes after ingestion, an Aphrodin victim must make a saving throw or succumb to an uncontrollable desire to get physically intimate. It will seek out the nearest adult creature of compatible gender and race that is not a member of its family, and take any reasonable measures to satisfy the desire (what counts as a reasonable measure depends on the poison's victim). If multiple compatible creatures are present, the victim will seek out the one with the highest Charisma modifier. If the victim fails to persuade that individual, it will seek out the next compatible one. If no compatible individuals are present (or if they have all rejected the victim's advances), the victim will attempt and fail to satisfy the desire on its own.

On a successful saving throw, the victim remains in control its own actions, but the desire still surfaces (potentially altering its behavior regardless).

The desire persists for 1d3 hours.

A DC 25 Sense Motive check reveals that the creature's behavior is being influenced in some way.

Stacking: If two or more doses of Aphrodin are consumed, the desire to get intimate is replaced by the desire to cause the appropriate creatures physical harm. The poison otherwise functions as normal.

Special: This poison affects humanoids and monstrous humanoids only.

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