Armor Damage And Repair

Each time a suit of armor is struck by a weapon that inflicts 20 points of damage or more to the character wearing the armour (before the armor is taken into account), its DR is reduced by 1d4.

Armor that has had its DR reduced may be repaired by anyone with the Craft (armoursmith) skill at a cost of 20% of the original cost of the armour per 1 DR damage. This cost is halved if the character does the repairs himself; this requires a Craft (armorsmith)]]] check (DC 15) and ten minutes of time for each 1 DR repaired. However, if armor is reduced to 0 DR, it is completely destroyed and may not be repaired, though it may have some value as scrap metal. Brigandine, for example, is commonly made by cutting up damaged sections from a more expensive harness such as a breastplate or two.

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