Assassin Of The Second Circle (Style, Tactical)

Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +5, Assassin of the First Circle, Stealth 8 ranks.
Benefits: You gain the following tactical options:

Sight Piercing Fang: As a standard action, make an attack roll. If successful, your opponent must make a Fortitude save (DC 13 + your Wisdom modifier) or be blinded for 1d4 rounds. After using this option you cannot use it again for 2 rounds.

Steel Cobra (stance): You may enter this stance as a swift action. While in this stance, your grapple attempts do not provoke attacks of opportunity. In addition, on a successful grapple you may choose to constrict your opponent for 3d6 damage. You may never be in more than one stance at a time. You may spend only 5 total rounds per minute in a stance, and after entering this stance you remain in it until you leave it as a free action or enter a new stance using a swift action.

Night’s Knife: You may spend a swift action to have the rest of your attacks this round deal an amount of additional damage equal to your ranks in the Heal skill. After using this option you cannot use it again for 2 rounds.

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