Barrier Of Othabbhon

850 XP

MP Cost: 10
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Medium
Target: Sphere 10 ft. in diameter per level
Duration: One hour per level
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +5, greater warding, ward by will
Magic Attack Roll: See text

This spell creates an invisible barrier of magical force that provides both physical and magical protection. Sorcerers attempting to cast a spell through the barrier, at either direction, must succeed in a magic attack roll against DC set by the magic attack roll rolled by the caster when creating the barrier. If the sorcerer fails, his spell is dispelled and he loses MPs without any benefit. A creature can only pass through the barrier if it can succeed in DC 40 Strength check. It is possible to destroy the barrier with physical attacks – it has 200 HP and Hardness 10. Creatures bisected by the barrier when it is cast are pushed outside it.

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