Behold The Yellow Sign

340 XP

MP Cost: 4
Components: V, S
Casting time: Standard action
Range: Close + Evil Eye (see text)
Target: One intelligent creature per two levels
Duration: Round per two levels
Saving throw: Will negates, Fortitude negates
Prerequisites: Caster has made the Unspeakable Oath, mesmerize
Magic attack roll: Sets DC for Fortitude and Will saves

This foul spell is only revealed to those favored by the Unspeakable One and his deranged priests. Casting the spell immediately grants the sorcerer one point of Taintwithout a save, as the power of the Unspeakable One courses through him. With a waving of his arms and a devilish chant, the caster creates an illusion of a whirling, pulsating symbol of pure madness in the air. Those within Evil Eye range of the spot where the symbol is cast must immediately make two saves. Those failing their Will saves are stunned for one round, transfixed to staring at the symbol. Those who fail their Fortitude saves receive 2d6 points of damage, as their skin appears to rot. These saves must be made every round by the characters that start within Evil Eye range of the symbol. The caster is immune to his symbol, but not to symbols created by other casters. The symbol can be averted or avoided like all Evil Eye spells and gaze attacks. If a victim caught in the area fails three Will saves in a row, he falls on the ground, unconscious for an hour. During this time he sees terrible nightmares and receives one point of Wisdom drain. If the character has no prior Taint, he must immediately make a Taint save at same DC as the spell. This spell only works when the moon is above the horizon.

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