Black Adder Venom

Cost: 1500 sp
Type: Injury
Source: Creature
Crafting: 12 ranks, craft DC 24
Duration: Until cured

The hideous paralyzing properties of the black adder's venom are always lethal if left untreated.

Immediately upon being subjected to the poison, and every 1d4+1 rounds after that, the victim must make a saving throw.•On the first failed save, the victim is staggered for the poison's duration.

  • On a second failed save, the victim is paralyzed for the poison's duration.
  • On a third failed save, the victim loses its ability to breathe for the poison's duration, and must begin making Constitution checks as if drowning. A DC 20 Heal check can restore the ability to breathe, but further failed saving throws will remove the ability again.

Stacking: Each additional dose of Black Adder Venom increases the poison's save DC by 2.

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