Black Binding

510 XP

MP Cost: 2 per HD + 1 for duration, see text
Components: V, S
Casting time: One hour
Range: Close
Target: One corpse
Duration: Mortal or until dismissed by the caster
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +3, raise corpse

After a lengthy ritual, the sorcerer bestows unholy mockery of life upon one corpse of his choosing. In the process he ties small part of his own power in the Risen Dead, fueling its unnatural existence. The Risen Dead thus created can be given command consisting of one sentence, such as "Guard this area from everyone except me" or "Mine this vein of gold". After the command has been given, the creature will start its task immediately. Giving new commands is not possible after the initial casting of the ritual. The Risen Dead stays active until it is physically destroyed or the sorcerer dismisses it with a full-round action. Every active Black Binding reduces the casters Base MP by one. If the created undead is destroyed or dismissed, the sorcerer recovers MP left as its driving force normally.

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