Black Mark Of The Damned

510 XP

MP Cost: 10
Components: V, S, M
Casting time: One hour
Range: Magical link
Target: One creature
Duration: Mortal
Saving throw: Will negates
Prerequisite: Master of words and signs or demonic pact, greater ill-fortune
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for Will save

After drawing a diagram attractive to creatures from the Outer Dark on the floor, the caster throws magical link to his intended victim on it. He then chants summons to the creatures of Hell and undead, drawing them to his target while burning the link together with incense. A victim branded by the Black Mark will glow to Outsiders and Undead like a beacon, drawing them to him. All Undead, Outsiders and creatures with 10+ points of Taint will become aware of his presence and exact location within 200 ft. from him. This effect works even through walls and other obstacles. Mindless undead and other unintelligent creatures will be drawn towards the cursed person. Intelligent creatures feel no such compulsion, but may decide to go to investigate the call they feel in their minds if they are so inclined.

Material component: Magical link to the target, spices and incenses worth at least 250sp.

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