Blessing Of Lo Tae Zhao

Necromancy, Basic
85 XP

MP Cost: 20
Threshold: 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: Standard action
Range: Touch
Target: Corpse
Duration: One month per HD of caster

The spell protects a corpse from decomposing for a number of months equal to the caster’s Hit Dice. The caster can voluntarily reduce the spell’s duration but he cannot extend it above these limits (for example a level 5 sorcerer could choose to preserve a corpse for only 1 month instead of 5 if he wished). The spell does not bring the corpse back to life, nor does it heal any damage it has suffered; however it does prevent putrefaction. Once the spell ends, time catches up with the corpse and the natural process of decay is accelerated with the events that would have occurred as a natural part of the process simultaneously once the enchantment expires.

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