Cost: 50 sp
Type: Injury
Source: Creature
Crafting: 4 ranks, craft DC 15
Duration: Until 2 successive saves are made

A blood-thinner, used by low-grade assassins to make their targets' attempts to escape more useless.

One round after the injury that inflicts this poison is dealt, and on each round thereafter, the victim must save or take a number of dice of damage equal to the base damage die of the weapon that inflicted it. For example, the victim of a Bloodgate delivered via a dagger must save or take 1d4 points of damage each round.

The target receiving any amount of magical healing immediately ends the poison. Fast Healing and Regeneration, however, do not (even if their source is magical), although they offset the hit point damage as normal.

The poison can never be applied to spells, even if they deal damage as a weapon.

Stacking: Each additional dose of Bloodgate increases the save DC by 2, and the damage dealt each round is then equal to the largest damage die of any weapon that has inflicted Bloodgate for the duration.

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