Book of Nikodemus

This “book” is actually a collection of twelve ancient cuneiform clay tablets containing spells and incantations inscribed in mystic pre-human languages and occult sigils. Great age is apparent in the cracked and half-crumbled clay sheets. Several pieces of text are missing, the stones are covered in places with stains of unidentifiable sort, and green lichen seems to thrive on the cracked surface.

The tablets were hidden in the demon-guarded vaults of Acheron until that city was razed by the armies of Nikodemus. They were taken to the city of Ibnath, were they remained in the possession of the Tetrarchs of Ibnath until Nikodemus' return. Finally, the tablets vanish into legend after the War of Omens, and the murder of the Fourth of the Magi.

The book contains the black wisdom of the ages; powerful spells of stasis and time travel, rituals to call and bind elder things from beyond the black gulfs of space, and necromantic rites to conjure up the corpses of dead sorcerers and demand of them their forbidden and lost knowledge. In the hands of a powerful wizard, the book is believed to provide the means to raise up an entire dead city from oblivion.

The full powers of the book are unknown and deliberately not fully described (allowing a creative Games Master to use the book as a plot device), but the following powers are known:

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