Brule Tribe
Plural Brule
Modifiers +2 Dexterity
Special Abilities Animal Bonus, Riders
Disadvantage Bowlegged
Homeland The Sea of Grass
Language Brule Names
The Brule are a short but broad, swarthy-skinned folk who use talking drums to communicate over long distances. They paint various designs on their faces and breasts to indicate to which tribe they belong and whether they are merely out hunting or at war. Brule are among the most unremitting savages in the world, being highly superstitious and given to the sacrifice and torture of strangers and enemy Brulish clans alike.

Culture: The Brule are a nomadic warrior culture, dependent on horses to travel the vast distances of the Sea of Grass. The structure of a tribe resembles a war-party with women and children attached, commanded by a charismatic and successful leader. Each Brulish child typically learns to ride before he learns to walk, and can hunt on horseback before they reach their teens. They are proud people, considering their lifestyle to be one of perfect freedom, and sneer at the cultures that imprison themselves with walls and farms. The Brule have an over-developed sense of personal honor, and will not allow slights against their person to go unpunished, even if they must wait some time to get their vengeance. Brulish tribes do not cooperate often or well – no tribal leader wants to be taking orders from another person ever for fear it may undermine his command over people.

Religion: Brulish gods include Jhebbal Sag, along with other ancient gods and spirits such as Nhakhramat and the Four Winds. The primary god in their pantheon, however, is Maggash, the goddess who sleeps beyond the Mountains of the Dead. These fierce and bloody gods protect the Brule against their enemies, but not without a significant price. The Brule offer constant sacrifices to their gods in order to maintain their favor (or at very least, turn their hostility elsewhere).

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