Bull Feast

510 XP

MP Cost: 30
Threshold: 2
Components: V, S, M, XP
Casting Time: 10 min.
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: See text
Prerequisites: Arcana 10 ranks, astrological prediction, visions

This spell is used to gain some insight into the future by interpreting an omen from the Gods. In order for the caster to receive a sign from the Gods, he must first cast the spell (including expending the requisite XP) and then he must make a Wisdom check (DC 10). If the check is successful, an omen is presented to him within the next 24 hours (although the omen could pertain to an event days, weeks, or even years in the future).

The omen is out of the ordinary enough to be obviously a response to the spell, but the interpretation of the omen’s meaning is left up to the caster. A Knowledge (religion) check (DC 10) must be made to correctly identify the context of the omen, and a second check at DC 15 must then be made to decipher the exact meaning. Some guesses can be made as to the nature of the portent from the nature of the god petitioned by the caster: a fertility goddess is unlikely to send omens concerning war, while a god of war is unlikely to predict the coming harvest.

(Note: The clues given by a portent have to walk the line between the obvious and the obscure, but it’s better to be too obvious than it is to be obscure. If the players figure the omen’s meaning out on their own without rolling skill checks, that’s even better, as it’ll give them a greater sense of personal accomplishment.)

Categories and the specific omens that could be presented include:

The god promises victory in an upcoming battle: A two-headed snake slithers up to the caster, but instead of attacking him, each head attacks the other. A star erupts out of the earth, and shoots into the heavens. The caster finds the helmet of an enemy warrior, split in two.

The god warns of defeat in an upcoming battle: A mule appears to laugh at the caster as he dons his weapons or armor. The caster encounter an ancient battlefield, littered with the bleached bones of the dead. The caster cuts himself with his dagger as he’s sharpening it.

The god counsels a peaceful approach: An eagle attacks a dove, but is struck by a lightning and slain. A lamb is found sleeping on a lion’s breast. A cache of swords is found rusted from disuse.

The god recommends a belligerent stance: The caster awakens to find his sword has sprung from its scabbard and is lying next to his hand. A scorpion crawls out of a scroll tube that contains a peace treaty. The caster’s armor is polished and oiled even though he hasn’t tended it in days.

The god warns of treachery: A skeleton is found with a dagger sticking out of its back. A broken idol of the god is found at the feet of an idol of another deity from the same pantheon.

Material Components: Three pounds of raw flesh of a freshly slain bull, which must be slain and consumed by the caster during the casting time.

XP Component: 100 XP

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