Call The Fog Between The Worlds

Weather Witching
340 XP

MP Cost: 30
Threshold: 2
Components: V, S, M
Casting time: 10 minutes
Target: Existing fog
Duration: 1 Hour per magic attack bonus
Prerequisites: Demonic pact, raise night fog

This spell can only be cast at night and in a foggy weather. Fog caused with the Raise Night Fog spell qualifies for this purpose. Chanting incantations that weaken the borders between the worlds, the caster lights the Black Lotus powder aflame and casts it about his feet. At once a feeling of something unnatural hiding in the mist becomes apparent and strange whispers can be heard. This spell calls Forth the fog that separates worlds from each other, making summoning spells easier. The existing mist or fog in the area is converted in to something else by the spell. MP costs of spells that summon creatures are halved within the area of effect. While inside the fog, DC 15 Perception check reveals whispers in strange, inhuman voices, always just out of reach, beckoning mortals to follow them. Those who follow these voices are never heard of again.

Material component: A dose of Black Lotus powder (worth 250 sp.)

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