Child Of Karamusan

XP Cost: 300

Starting Ability

The Child of Karamusan loses all other tribal bonuses and gains darkvision 60', a base land speed of 20', DR equal to his Con bonus, and two natural claw attacks dealing 1d3+Str damage each. You suffer a -4 penalty on Bluff and Diplomacy checks (except when interacting with other Children of Karamusan), and the initial reaction of other tribes will never be better than Unfriendly.

Additional Abilities

Claw Clutch
XP Cost: 540
If you connect with both of your claw attacks in one round, you may attempt to clutch the opponent. Treat this as a grapple, with the following changes: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity, you do not need to make a touch attack (The claw attacks fill this role) and you pull the enemy into your square (rather than the reverse).

Flap Wings
XP Cost: 270
Your vestigial wings grow and become stronger. You may make use of your wings to augment your agility. You can take 10 and take 20 when using certain skills, depending on the number of HD she has:

  • 1 HD: Take 10 on Jump checks.
  • 2 HD: Take 10 on Athletics checks.
  • 3 HD: Take 20 on Jump checks.
  • 4 HD: Take 20 on Athletics checks.

Taking 10 or taking 20 in this manner takes no more time than the usual skill check, and may be performed even in stressful situations. Further, your ability to fly gives you enhanced upward mobility: you can count each 5' of remaining move as 10' for the purpose of jump height, your DC for high jumps is only 2x the distance to be covered (rather than 4x) and you are always considered to have a running start when jumping. Should you be unable to use your wings, due to bindings, shackles, glue, wearing medium or heavy armor or having an encumbrance greater than medium, you temporarily lose this ability.

XP Cost: 1,080
Prerequisite: Flap Wings
You acquire flight, average maneuverability, 80' speed.

XP Cost: 270
Prerequisite: Flap Wings
You may lunge by to strike at opponents and then dart out of range. Treat this ability as the Flyby Attack feat, but it may also be used on land. Movement while using this ability does not provoke attacks of opportunity from an attacked target, but may provoke attacks of opportunity from other enemies. Provided you move at least 5' before and after the attack, you may attack with both claws as a standard action.


XP Cost: 180 each
You may purchase Songs from the list below. Only one song may be performed at a time. The songs have a radius of 75' for every HD, but the you are free to limit the song to a smaller area. Initiating a song or continuing it is a standard action, and the songs persist for 1 round after you stop singing. A new song cannot be initiated until the old song ends. The save DC for songs is 10 + half your HD + your Charisma bonus. Once a creature has successfully saved against a song, they cannot be affected by that song again for 24 hours. Should you switch to another song, opponents gain a +2 circumstance bonus on saves for every song they have successfully saved against in the last 24 hours.

Captivating Song
A compelling, sweet song that lures the listener into a trance, whereupon they stumble blindly towards the song's source. All foes within the area must make a Will save or be captivated. Captivated opponents approach you and stop when they are 5' away. Captivated opponents take no actions. They defend themselves but do not retaliate to your attacks (they would retain their dodge bonus to Defense, but wouldn't attack you or use items). If the route to you is obviously treacherous (leading off of a cliff or through flame) the enemy may make another saving throw.

Eerie Song
A song filled with haunting notes and uncanny sounds, disturbing those who listen. All foes within the area must make a Will save or be shaken until you cease the Eerie Song or the creature leaves the area.

A deceptively comforting song that entrances the listener, drawing them into an unwilling slumber. All foes within the area must make a Will save or become exhausted. Opponents who fail the save must then make a save in the following round or fall asleep. Sleep and exhaustion persist until the song ends, at which point the condition of the creature improves one stage with each subsequent round (1 round after the song ends, sleeping creatures become exhausted, exhausted creatures become fatigued, fatigued creatures return to normal). A creature that fails the save against exhaustion but makes the save against sleep recovers in the same manner. A creature that was fatigued or exhausted prior to the song does not recover in this manner, and must recover normally.

Song of Scorn
A biting, clipped, derisive song that fills the victims' heads with hallucinations of their failures and errors. All foes in the area must make a Will save or suffer from fleeting visions of their mistakes, potentially luring them into making those mistakes in reality. Foes who fail the will save must reroll their next successful skill check or ability check and take the second result. At the beginning of their next turn, provided the song is still underway, the creature must make another Will save or fall under the song's effect once more.

Carrion Song
A song that uses the haunting, drawn out melody to encourage dying prey to give up their final struggles for life. Healthy opponents are more or less exempt from the Carrion Song and ignore it. Opponents who are close to death, however, can be drawn into the song's effect. At the start of their turn, any opponents in the area who have less than 10% of their maximum hit points remaining must make a Will save or lose 1d4 points of damage for every 4 of your Hit Dice. Opponents who fail their save must continue to make saves until they succeed, the song ends or they move out of the affected area.

Song of Exile You divides your opponents with a lonely, wailing song that makes them feel alone on the battlefield and banishes thoughts of their allies from their minds. So long as the Song of Exile is in effect, opponents in the area cannot flank or aid another. Further, opponents who wish to target one of their allies with a single-target spell or skill check must make a Will save. Success means they affect their ally normally. Failure means the attempt fails and the spell (if applicable) is wasted. Opponents may make further attempts (with additional Will saves) in subsequent rounds. Making a will save in this manner does not render a creature immune to the song.

Forbidding Song
A barely audible song with notes of warning and threatening undertones that causes opponents to subconsciously slow their pace. Opponents in the area have their movement speed reduced by 10' or 25% (rounding up), whichever is more.

Predatory Song
You sing a crowing song that bolsters the bloodthirst and violent impulses of your allies. All allies within the area add your Charisma modifier to attempts to damage rolls on charges or dives.

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