Chosen Of Ahriman

As a standard action, a character with this ability may force any Undead creature, Beast, or Human that does not follow Yezidism within 15ft. to make a Will saving throw (DC 1d20 + your Charisma modifier) or cower before the character. They may perform no other actions for 10 rounds.

If the target fails the saving throw by more than 5, the creature falls under the control of the character instead. The creature will act normally in all respects, save that it may not directly harm the character or deliberately allow him to come to harm. Additionally, the character may use a move action to command any creatures under his control. The character may command a number of creatures in this way equal to his Charisma bonus. You may voluntarily relinquish control of any creature at any time, but then the creature may act in any way they choose, with no restrictions made for your safety.

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