Chosen Of Misha

Prerequisites: Must be blind, Perception 4 ranks, Forbidden Lore (Misha) 4 ranks.
XP Cost: 200

Misha was the first apprentice of Vaul, and the greatest commander of the Pax Icatia during the Time of Empires. Unlike her mentor, Misha was an expert of Divination, and used her powers to gain victory against her enemies both on the field of battle and in the political arena. As she grew older, however, she became increasingly obsessed with understanding the limits of Divination - no matter how powerful a person was in sorcery, they could not see the future. Some divinations offered glimpses and prophecies, but no power could lay the future before a person the way the past and present could be seen. Angered by this limitation, Misha spent countless years in seclusion, probing the furthest reccesses of her magical sight, looking for any path that would grant future sight. She was accompanied only by her disciples, having been abandoned by all others, including Vaul. Finally, near the end of her life, she ventured too far down the path of Divination, and what she saw there drove her mad. Raving and foaming at the mouth, she clawed her eyes from her skull in an attempt to blot out whatever horror she had seen, before killing herself.

Misha's disciples buried her body with all due honors, and paid homage to her sacrifice by putting their own eyes out afterward. Since then, all Chosen of Misha have had their eyes removed when they are accepted into the cult. The cult focuses on combat training, relying on senses other than sight to perform their duties. Over the centuries, the cult of Misha has established itself as a powerful and mysterious force, and their members are rightly feared.

Starting Ability

Because of their blindness, a Chosen of Misha cannot see in the normal manner, but they gain Tremorsense in a 30-foot radius. Additionally, the curse of Misha permeates their souls. Whenever they interact in any meaningful way with any sentient being, a Chosen of Misha receives scattered visions of the agony and trials that the future holds for that individual. The visions are not clear enough to give a comprehensible view of the future, but they are disturbing and disorienting for the viewer.


Blind Warrior
XP Cost: 1,350
You gains a a bonus to all attack rolls equal to one-fourth of your ranks in the Perception skill (rounded down) +2. So, if you had 10 ranks you would have a bonus of +4 to attack rolls. You may take 10 on Perception skill checks, even when under extreme distress.

Supernatural Perception
XP Cost: 5th level
You gain a bonus equal to your Hit Dice to all Perception skill checks. Additionally, you are always considered actively listening, and never penalized due to activity, distraction, or while sleeping.

Supersensitive Hearing
XP Cost: 1,620
You gain a competence bonus to your initiative equal to half your Hit Dice.

Mastery of Blind Fighting
XP Cost: 520
You do not lose your Dexterity bonus to armor class for being blind (although you still take the penalty to your Defense), and you are not restricted to moving half speed. You take only a -2 penalty to Perception, Strength and Dexterity based skill checks. Opponents only gain 10% concealment against your attacks.

Gaze into the Unknown
XP Cost: 2,160
You gain a Gaze attack, usable at will as a Swift action on any target within 30 feet. Any sentient creature meeting your sightless gaze has the terrors of the future thrust forcefully upon them, and must make a Will save (DC 10 + your Hit Dice+ your Wisdom modifier) or take 1d4 points of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma drain and be Shaken for 1 minute. Regardless of whether or not the saving throw was a success, the victim becomes immune to further uses of this power for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Terrors of the Mind
XP Cost: 2,430
You must have Gaze Into the Unknown to purchace this ability.
Those attempting to use Divination effects upon a you open the pathway between your mind and their own, causing the haunting visions to sweep through their minds like a tidal wave. Any creature using a Divination spell or effect that targets you or uncovers information about you is immediately subject to the full effect of your Gaze attack, even if they have already successfully saved against it within the past 24 hours.

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