Levels are bought with experience points, and the cost is cumulative (so, to buy 3 levels would cost 6,000 XP). You may never have more than 10 total levels (three levels in Fighter and two levels in Scholar would count as 5 total levels, for example).

Level XP Cost
0 0
1 +1,300
2 +2,000
3 +2,700
4 +4,000
5 +5,000
6 +8,000
7 +11,000
8 +16,000
9 +21,000
10 +30,000

Place the levels you have bought in one or more of the following classes.


Characters With no Levels

A character that has no levels is considered to have zero Hit dice for all purposes. They have a number of hit points equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum 1), and may have up to 3 skill points in any skill.

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