Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +2.
XP Cost: 270

Starting Ability

All commanaders have tactics points, representing their skill in battlefield coordination. Commanders have a number of tactics points equal to their Intelligence modifier + half of their character level. Meditating for 10 minutes restores all spent tactics points. For the purpose of tactics and any abilities that function off of tactics, you are considered your own ally. All Tactics-based abilities have a range of 100 feet.


Auspicious Strike
XP Cost: 540
When an ally inflicts damage upon an enemy or group of enemies, you may take an immediate action to spend one or more tactics point to increase the damage inflicted. Each point of Tactics spent increases the damage inflicted by 1d8.

Combat Re-roll
XP Cost: 270
As an immediate action, you may spend a tactics point to sallow an ally who has failed an attack roll or skill check to re-roll that check.

Cry Havok
XP Cost: 4,320
As a Standard Action, you may spend 3 tactics points to grant an ally a full round action.

Fog of War
XP Cost: 3,780
As an immediate action, you may spend a tactics point to force an ally or enemy to re-roll a Saving Throw.

Insightful Combatant
XP Cost:1,620
You may spend 2 tactics points as an immediate action to allow you and all allies to add your Intelligence modifier to all rolls made to initiate or resist the following combat maneuvers: Bullrush, Disarm, Feint, Grapple, and Trip.

XP Cost: 1,080
When initiative is rolled to determine turn order, you may spend a tactics point to grant every ally a 5’ step to position for the coming battle. Doing so denies you the ability to perform any immediate or swift actions until the end of the turn, unless your initiative allows you to act before any of your opponents, in which case this repositioning is a free action.

Sieze the Advantage
XP Cost:2,700
As a move action, you can spend two tactics points to grant an ally a Standard action.

Tactical Redeployment
XP Cost: 1,080
As a swift action, the Battlemaster may spent a point of Tactics to grant an ally a move action. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

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