Consume Likeness

850 XP

MP Cost: 50
Threshold: 4
Components: S, M
Casting time: One day
Range: Self
Target: One humanoid corpse
Duration: Permanent, see below
Prerequisites: Illusion

By spending one day casting a foul ritual upon a fresh corpse, the caster may assume the living likeness of the person. During the course of the spell, he must destroy the corpse of the original victim. How this is done is up to the caster, but usually involves consuming parts of the cadaver. Once the spell is complete, the caster may take on the appearance of the victim at will for as long as is desired. Transformation includes voice and scent of the victim. The shadow of the caster stays as his original form. Similarly, he gains no abilities or skills of the victim. Stolen likeness reacts to damage and other effects in a realistic manner, but does not age with passing years as it should. The caster may consume several likenesses and change his shape between them as he wishes. Changing appearance to one of the consumed shapes takes one minute and consumes 6 MP. Returning from a stolen likeness in to the original one is a full-round action that requires no MP. The original form must be reverted to before another can be assumed. Upon taking damage, the sorcerer must immediately make a Concentration check which DC is 10 + damage received. If he fails, he reverts to his original form as his next action against his will. If the sorcerer is in consumed likeness while his MPs drop to zero or below, he will likewise immediately revert to his original form. Many sorcerers who keep one stolen appearance on them for long periods of time develop a Delusion that they are actually the person whose identity they have stolen.

Material component: Corpse of the likeness consumed.

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