Corrupted Touch

1,020 XP

MP Cost: 4 + see below
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One creature, contagious
Duration: One day per scholar level
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +5, death touch, raise corpse
Magic Attack Roll: Sets target’s Fortitude save DC

Raising an army of the undead requires quite a bit of time, effort and energy. However, raising an army of the mostly undead, of men who should have died, but did not due to the sorcerer’s timely intervention, mostly requires a bit of patience and a fairly large battle. A sorcerer who knows this spell can weave a charm about his hand. When he touches a target the charm passes to him, nestling down into his heart if the target fails his Fortitude saving throw. For the next 2d4 days every creature the target comes into contact with must make a Fortitude save or pick up a bit of the residual taint. This taint lasts until the initial charm fades at the end of the spell’s duration. If a creature affected by the taint goes below 0 hit points it automatically stabilizes at –9 hit points. It does not respond to healing or to magical healing if that healing is available. The near-corpse does not rot or suffer from the effects of hunger or thirst. Once enough bodies accumulate the sorcerer may invoke the second part of this charm. He must spend 1 MP for each near-corpse he wishes to affect. All affected corpses must be within a one-mile radius of his position. The corpses rise within 1d4 rounds as risen dead. Once risen the corpses remain under the necromancers control until they are destroyed. The scholar does not regain the MP invested in raising the corpses until something destroys them.

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