Craft Magic Items

To create a wondrous item, magic musical instrument, spellbook, or piece of magical jewellery, a sorcerer usually needs some sort of equipment or tools to work on the item. He also needs a supply of materials, the most obvious being the item itself or the pieces of the item to be assembled. The cost for the materials is subsumed in the cost for creating the item.

If spells are involved in the prerequisites for making the item, the creator must know the spells to be cast, but need not provide any material components or focuses the spells require, nor are any XP costs inherent in a prerequisite spell incurred in the creation of the item. The act of working on the item activates the spells, expending MP as usual. A magic item which duplicates one or more spells that require saving throws of their targets uses the following formula to determine the DC of the save:

(10 + magic attack bonus of creating sorcerer)

No Charisma or other bonuses are added to this DC, and it is not a variable die roll as for most actual magic attacks; this is because the item can be used only with the magical skill of its creator, and with a set amount of said skill.

A magic item which provides a Magic Point enhancement bonus must always be attuned to the wielder of the item before any of its powers can be used. This attunement process requires a one-day ritual, a Rituals check (DC 20), and the expenditure of 500 sp worth of incenses and other materials per 2,000 sp or part thereof value of the item. Creating some items may entail other prerequisites other than spellcasting. See the individual descriptions for details. Note that it is not possible to make magical armour or shields.

Many magic items are made in the form of gems or jewellery, which has the advantage that the item can be small, portable, and highly durable. From the perspective of creating a magic item, though, these rules make no distinction between a piece of enchanted jewellery and any other wondrous item.

Crafting a wondrous item requires one month for each 5,000 sp value of the cost.

Sorcery Feat Required: Craft Magic Item.

Item SP cost XP cost Spells required to be cast during creation
Altar of the Dark Ones
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball of Speech and Vision
Dancing Sword
Gem of Enslavement
Girdle of Protection
Grome's Horn
Heart of Lagash
Pipes of Madness
Ring of Fire
Ring of Lagash
Silvery Mirror
Skull of Ahriman
Star of Vaul
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