Craft (Mask)


This skill allows you to craft powerful images into wood or other mediums. As you become more skilled in this craft, your work can produce a variety of mysterious effects. The effect of a mask can only be used by the carver – other creatures cannot attune themselves to the mask, and so cannot use any of its powers. It takes a full day to craft a mask using this skill, but the time may be halved if you take a -10 to the skill roll.

Possession of another’s mask allows you a Magical Link to the owner and gives you a +1 insight bonus to your Magic Attack Bonus when using it against them.

Rank 1 ability

With one rank in Craft (mask), you may use your knowledge at the most basic level. Your have minor effects in certain specific circumstances.

Mask Craft DC Qualities
Simple 12 +1 to Intimidate checks, +2 to Perception checks.
Masterwork 20 +2 to Intimidate and Disguise skill checks. -2 to Perception checks
Hunting 20 +2 to Survival, Stealth, and Handle Animal skill checks
War 25 +1 to attack rolls and Fortitude saving throws. -2 to Perception checks
Shaman 25 +2 to Perform (ritual) checks. -2 to Perception checks
Totem 30 +2 to your Magic Attack Bonus and Perform (ritual) checks. -2 to Perception checks

Success: The mask takes 8 hours to create, and has all its normal qualities as well as any qualities gained from skill abilities (below). If you succeed by more than 10 points, the mask takes 4 hours to create.

Failure: The mask takes 4 hours to create, and has no special qualities.

Rank 7 ability

By adding a +4 to your craft DC, you may enhance your mask with terrifying icons and designs. As a standard action, you may make an Intimidate check targeting a number of opponents equal to 2 + your Charisma modifier. Note that the check is only made once, with each of the opponents making a save against the roll as a DC.

Rank 9 ability

By adding +5 to your craft DC, you may infuse the mask with a dark power. The wearer of the mask gains a +4 enchantment bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, but suffers a -6 penalty to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. If this penalty at any time drops any of the wearer’s ability scores to 3 or less, the wearer will break into a frenzy. Furthermore, every time the wearer suffers damage, there is a 10% cumulative chance that he will enter a frenzy. A frenzied character cannot distinguish between friend and foe and will attack the nearest living thing until he is slain or subdued.

Rank 11 ability

By adding a +8 to your craft DC, you can weave sorcery into your designs, empowering your magic. All spells from the Curses school cost 10 MP less to cast, and you gain a +1 bonus to your Magic Attack Bonus when casting them.

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