Craft (Poison)

Key Attribute: Intelligence

The Craft (Poison) skill allows you to create and improve poisons, as well as harvest them from creatures and plants.

Rank 1 Ability

You can harvest the venom from freshly slain animals with the Poison ability for use as poisons. Harvesting a poison takes one hour. A slain creature can only be harvested for venom once. Poisons harvested in this way last for a week until they lose their potency.

Base DC: 15

Success: You successfully harvest a single dose of poison from the creature. If you exceed the DC by more than 5 points, you harvest 1d4 doses. If you exceed the DC by more than 10, you harvest 1d6 doses. You may not harvest more doses than 1/3 of the creature's hit dice (minimum 1).

Failure: You do not successfully harvest any venom. If you fail by more than 5 points, you are poisoned by the venom, and must make saves as normal.

Rank 4 Ability

You can create your own poisons. Creating a poison takes one day for each 100 sp in the cost of the poison. The character must provide the raw materials for the poison, as well as 10% of the poison's cost in XP (minimum 1).

Base DC: Varies (see Poisons)

Success: You successfully create a dose of the poison at the standard DC.

Failure: You do not successfulkly create the poison, but must still spend the cost in sp. If you fail the roll by more than 5, you must spend the XP cost as well.

Rank 8 Ability

Upon making a poison, you can increase the DC of your poison's save DC by making a Craft (Poison) check.

Base DC: See chart below

Craft Check DC Bonus
16-20 +1
21-25 +2
26-30 +3
30+ +4

Success: Your poison gains the listed bonus to its save DC (see above).

Failure: You poison gains no additional bonuses.

Rank 14 Ability

It no longer costs you XP to create poisons.

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