Craft (Talking Drum)


With this skill you can create a talking drum. As you become more skilled in making such drums, you are able to improve their effectiveness in both mundane and supernatural ways. Taking drums come in two different sizes; medium and large.

A medium drum can be carried on a strap, weighs around 25 pounds, and can be played with a stick. A performer can move at half speed while playing it (or full speed if he takes a -10 penalty to his skill checks with the drum) and has a range of 500 feet over any terrain.

A large drum is set upon the ground and played with the hands. It weighs upwards of 35 pounds, and cannot be played while being carried. It has a range of three miles in forests, mountains, or hexes with rivers or water. In plains or hills, the range is only one mile.

Rank 1 ability

With 1 rank in this skill, you may craft a talking drum.

Drum Craft DC Qualities
Talking Drum 10 None
Masterwork Drum 20 +2 circumstance bonus to Perform (talking drum)

Success: The drum takes two hours to create, and has all its normal qualities as well as any qualities gained from skill abilities (below). If you succeed by more than 10 points, the drum takes an hour to create.

Failure: The drum takes an hour to create, and has no special qualities.

Rank 3 ability

You may add 2 miles to the range of a talking drum.

Rank 7 ability

With a successful Perform (talking drum) check (DC 23), you may give 1 sorcerer in range a +1 morale bonus to his Magic Attack Bonus. This bonus increases by +1 for every 5 points over the DC.

Rank 9 ability

You may double the range of a talking drum. This ability stacks with your rank 3 ability.

Rank 11 ability

With a successful Perform (talking drum) check (DC 30), you may transfer some or all of your MP to a sorcerer in range. You must be able either to see the target or have a Magical Link to him for this ability to work. 

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