Craft (traps)

Key Attribute: Wisdom

This skill enables you to create effective traps.

Rank 1 Ability

Basic Trapmaking
You have learned the basics of trapmaking. There are three parts to creating a trap using this skill:

Acquisition: By succeeding at a DC 20 Survival check (or spending 100sp in a populated area), you can acquire the necessary parts for making one trap. Additional checks or monetary expenditure are necessary to gather parts for more than one trap.

Assembly: To construct the trap, make a Craft (Traps) check. You cannot fail this check; it only determines how well-made the trap itself is. At this point, she can also choose to add a single factor to the trap, as well as a single effect. Effects and factors are gained by purchasing additional ranks in this skill. Factors are area, lengthened, and thrown. Effects are tangle, wounding, holding, and enlarged.

Check Result Damage
9 or less 1d8
10-14 2d8
15-19 3d8
20-24 4d8
25-29 5d8
30-34 6d8
35+ 7d8

Placement: You may set the finished trap in one 10 x 10 foot location. Stepping on that spot activates the trap against the first person who steps there.

The DC to find and disarm a trap is equal to half the Craft (traps) skill check result during the assembly phase.

Traps may deal piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage, determined at their creation. Each trap allows a Reflex save for half damage. This save's DC is equal to half the Craft (traps) result rolled during the assembly phase. It takes 1d4 minutes to create one trap, but only a full round to set it. You cannot trigger any of her own traps, and can alert others to their existence, making them immune as well. Once activated, a trap is destroyed and cannot be reused or recovered.

Rank 5 Ability

Effect: Tangle Trap
You may add the Tangle Trap effect to your traps. In addition to the damage dealt, all opponents affected by the trap are entangled for 1 turn if they fail their Reflex saving throw.

++Rank 6 Ability
Factor: Area Traps
You may add the Area Traps factor to your traps. This causes the trap to activate against the first opponent to come within 20 feet of the trap.

Rank 7 Ability

Effect: Wounding Trap
You may add the Wounding Trap effect to you traps. This causes the trap to deal 2 points of Constitution damage (in addition to the normal damage) to an opponent affected by the trap if they fail their Reflex save.

Rank 8 Ability

Factor: Lengthened Trap
You may add the Lengthened Trap Factor to your traps. This allows you to cause your triggered traps to affect a line of targets. You may set a trigger up to 60 feet away from the trap. Anything between the trap and the trigger when the trap is activated is affected.

Rank 9 Ability

Effect: Holding Trap
You may add the Holding Trap effect to your traps. Opponent affected by the trap are stunned for 2 rounds if they fail their Reflex save.

Rank 10 Ability

Factor: Thrown Traps
You may add the Thrown Traps factor to your traps. Traps with this factor not have to be set in order to order to use them. Instead, you may prime it when you assemble it so that it activates when thrown at an opponent. This requires a ranged touch attack and has a range of 30 feet, but if the attack hits, the trap activates in the 5 foot space it landed in as normal.

Rank 11 Ability

Effect: Enlarged Traps
You may add the Enlarged Traps effect to you traps. When this trap is triggered, it affects all opponents within 30 feet of the trap.

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