Creeping Doom

Nature Magic
850 XP

MP Cost: 10 per swarm
Threshold: 4
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Close (25 ft.)
Effect: One swarm per 10 MP spent
Duration: One minute per level
Prerequisites: Knowledge (nature) 8 ranks, summon beast
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for target’s saving throw

When you utter the spell of creeping doom, you call forth a mass of scarab, centipedes, or locust swarms which appear from your mouth or from the ground around you if the ground is soft enough (such as sand). You may summon the scarab or locust swarms so that they share the area of other creatures. The swarms remain stationary, attacking any creatures in their area, unless you command the creeping doom to move (a standard action). As a standard action, you can command any number of the swarms to move toward any prey within 100 feet of you. You cannot command any swarm to move more than 100 feet away from you, and if you move more than 100 feet from any swarm, that swarm remains stationary, attacking any creatures in its area (but it can be commanded again if you move within 100 feet).

Component Options
A pound of fat can be used to make summoned creatures disease carriers (as if they were rats), with an appropriate saving throw needed to avoid infection from the bites.

A flask of acid causes the bites and stings to become inflamed and irritating, inflicting one point of temporary Dexterity damage the first time they cause hit point damage.

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