Key Attribute: Intelligence

The cultures skill represents your dedication to the studies of the peoples of the world, their languages, and cultures. Those who spend time learning about others learn their language and can better recognize them when they meet, in peace time or war.

Rank 1 Ability

Acquire Tongue
Anytime you are exposed to a language you do not speak, you receive a check to see if you learn it after 1 week. There is no limit to the number of languages you can learn to speak in this way. The DC for this check is at least 25; languages that use a very different structure or sounds may have a higher DC but will not exceed 40. If you fail this check, you may not retry it without 1 week of additional exposure. Each additional week of exposure to the language provides you a +2 cumulative bonus to further attempts to learn the language, however. This bonus reverts to 0 if you go two weeks without being exposed to the language that provided the bonus, however.

Base DC: 25 to 40, as determined by language.

Success: You learn at least the spoken version of the language.

Failure:You fail to learn the language you have been exposed to. You may not retry it without 1 week of additional exposure, which would may also grant a bonus on your next attempt.

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