Curse Of The Wood

510 XP

MP Cost: 50
Threshold: 4
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 20 minutes
Range: Touch
Target: Any wooden object
Duration: See below
Prerequisites: Knowledge (nature) 10 ranks

This spell enchants any wooden object to become a manifestation of rot and decay, turning simple piece of wood or bamboo into a deadly weapon capable of leeching the life from whatever it touches. Once enchanted, the object will deal 1 point of energy drain from any living thing it comes into contact with that fails a Fortitude saving throw against a DC equal to the HD +10. This drained life is transferred to the wielder of the enchanted object directly as regained hit points equal to the levels drained multiplied by 3. The enchanted object can do this once per contact. The spell lasts for 5 uses, at which point the item crumbles to dust.

The sorcerer may increase the MP cost of the spell by 10 to add an additional use to the wood before it crumbles. This option may be taken multiple times.

The sorcerer may increase the MP cost of the spell by 10 increase the energy drain to 1d3 points.

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