Dance Of The Cobras


Magic Point Cost: 1 point/round
Components: S, M, F
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Evil Eye
Target: One humanoid creature
Duration: Power Points
Saving Throw: See below
Prerequisites: Entrance, Telekinesis, Ritual Sacrifice, Perform (any musical instrument) 8 ranks
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for target’s Reflex and Fortitude saving throws or Perform checks

The dance of the cobras is an extensive and elaborate but powerful ritual sacrifice, revolving around four pre-prepared, hypnotised snakes. Four jars containing the snakes are smashed about the target. In effect, the snakes are inside the target’s five-foot square, though at the very corners of it. Every round the spell is in effect, the target must make a Reflex saving throw or be bitten by one of the snakes. A bitten target must make a Fortitude saving throw or suffer 3d6 points of Constitution damage (half that if the save is successful). If he chooses to spend the whole of each round just dodging snakes (similar to a Total Defence action in combat) he gains a +4 circumstance bonus to his Reflex saving throws. The target gains a +2 synergy bonus to the Reflex saving throw if he has at least five ranks of Perform (dance). If the target attempts to leave the square, he is automatically bitten (no Reflex save allowed) and suffers from poisoning as described above.

If the victim dies from being bitten by the snakes, the sorcerer who cast the spell gains a number of benefits as follows:

  • Magic Points as though the target had been slain by the sorcerer, according to the rules of sacrifice, counting as a ritual perfect offering. The usual limit for Maximum Magic Points applies.
  • +1 morale bonus to all attack rolls and magic attack rolls for every hit dice or level of the target for the next 24 hours.

If the victim somehow escapes or is rescued, the sorcerer instead suffers a -1 morale penalty to Defense and all saving throws for the next day.

Material Component: Four jade jars, worth at least 100 sp each. With the snakes inside (see below), these must be balanced among the rafters of the room in which the spell is to be used, or, if the sorcerer has Greater Telekinesis available, concealed somewhere in the room or about the person of the sorcerer.

Focus: Four cobras, of at least Small size. These must be somehow placed in the jars before the spell is cast.

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