Demonglow Gem

Alchemy DC: 21
Cost: 360 sp
Time to Create: 1 hour

These large green stones are found naturally in the jungles of Chey, but can be created through various alchemical means. A demonglow gem gives off a weird, unnerving glow, clearly illuminating a 10-foot radius area and casting flickering shadows over a wider area. A cluster of three gems will clearly illuminate a 20-foot radius area and create shadowy illumination within a further 40 feet (rather than 20 feet as for normal light sources).

Due to their weight (5 pounds each) demonglow gems are rarely used as portable illumination, but would be good for permanently lighting the interior of a building if they were not so odd. As it is, they are likely to be used only by sorcerers and those of a similarly twisted demeanor.

Unlike many alchemical items, the gem is not consumed after use.

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