Dread Curse Of The Red God

510 XP

MP Cost: 0
Threshold: 4
Components: V
Casting time: Standard action
Range: Close
Target: One creature
Saving throw: Will negates
Prerequisite: Taint 5+, ill-fortune
Magic attack roll: Sets DC for Will save

When this spell is cast, the sorcerer suffers 4d4 subdual damage. Simply uttering the Secret Name of The Red God can have horrendous power in the mortal world. Directed at a target, it permanently drains 1d4 points from all abilities with failed Will save. If uttered aloud, with no particular target, at those who serve The Red God and his master, it will gain their attention, fear and respect, giving the sorcerer +8 circumstance bonus to Intimidation and Diplomacy with such creatures.

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