Dreams Of Ecstasy

680 XP

MP Cost: 3 per target
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One hour
Area: One mile per scholar level radius emanating from the sorcerer
Target: One male character per 3 MP expended
Duration: One day
Saving Throw: Will negates
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +4, Ritual Sacrifice, mesmerize
Magic Attack Roll: Sets target’s Will save

Every man knows his dreams can lead him into temptation. In dreams a man can do and say things he would never dare in the waking world, experience forbidden pleasures and unleash the bounds of behavior separating him from the beasts. A sorcerer can use this spell to link these dreams to events about to occur in the waking world. When he does so he strengthens those who willingly give in to the evil they carry in their own hearts. When the sorcerer casts this spell he must torture, then kill, a virgin female in an hour-long ritual. At the end of the ritual he may name any number of male human targets within the area of effect. Each target requires the sorcerer to spend 3 MP. Those targets may, if they wish, make a Will save to resist the vision of debauchery sent to them. If they decide not to, or fail the Will save, they gain the following ability for one day:

Vision of Ecstasy (Su): Each time you activate this ability you gain one point of Taint. For a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier you may ignore any conditions applied to you and, temporarily, the effects of damage. When the character comes out of this vision they are immediately dealt all damage taken during this vision from their current total hit points. Reduction of hit points to 0 or lower is handled in the usual way. You may activate this ability as a free action and may use it to respond to a conditions application.

Material Component: One adult human female virgin for sacrifice.

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