Dreams Of Horror

680 XP

MP Cost: 3 per target
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One hour
Range: One mile per scholar level radius emanating from the sorcerer
Target: One male character per 3 MP expended
Duration: One day
Saving Throw: Will negates
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +4, Ritual Sacrifice, mesmerize
Magic Attack Roll: Sets target’s Will save

Just as dreams can lead a man into temptation they can also show him the depths of human suffering and terror. In dreams a man can survive horrible things, things capable of breaking his body and spirit. Occasionally someone will naturally suffer such a horrific dream without being able to wake up from it. When one man experiences such a dream it seems like a natural phenomenon. When a dozen, or a hundred, find themselves trapped in the same dream, hearing one another’s screams, then they know it for the work of a sorcerer. When the sorcerer casts this spell he must torture, then kill, a virgin male in an hour long ritual. At the end of the hour he may name any number of male human targets within the area of effect. Each target requires the sorcerer to spend 3 MP. They targets may make a Will save to resist the spell. Each target that succeeds has a troubled night’s sleep, but can shake off the dream as nothing more than an evil omen. Those that fail this saving throw suffer from a –4 penalty to attack rolls and skill checks for a 24-hour period. The horrific dream lasts for two hours. A target that fails his saving throw will not awake unless he suffers physical damage.

Material Component: One adult human male virgin for sacrifice.

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