680 XP

MP Cost: 50
Threshold: 4
Components: V, S, M or F
Casting Time: One hour, plus see below
Range: Evil Eye, Touch and Magical Link
Target: One creature
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Will partial
Prerequisites: Cha 13, mesmerize, domination, hypnotic suggestion

This spell is used to totally enslave one member of the opposite sex for life, by means of sexual power. The spell is initially cast with a one-hour ceremony incorporating a magical link to the planned target. The sorcerer then has 24 hours in which to find the target and have sex with him or her. This must be voluntary on the part of the target, and can in no way have been influenced by coercion or magic. This willingness on the part of the target is what gives the spell its unusual power to affect the target whether or not a saving throw is successful.

The enslave spell produces an effect very similar to that of the domination spell, except that the duration is permanent and the target does not gain a new saving throw each time he is given an instruction. The sorcerer will need to give the target direct instructions, as for domination, but enslave may not be used to cause the target to fall asleep or remove memories, unlike domination. In addition, a target who has failed his initial Will saving throw automatically fails any future Will saving throws against spells, spell-like effects or supernatural effects cast or caused by the sorcerer.

If the target succeeds at his initial saving throw, he is still enslaved but will never act in a self-destructive manner or act against his nature. The effect of a successful saving throw must be carefully role-played by the target and carefully adjudicated by the Games Master – the target may find his desire to serve the sorcerer warring with his inner nature, and often he will find himself either unable to act at all or else able to choose either a compromise between his own desires and the sorcerer’s, or another course of action entirely. If the Games Master feels that a particular situation necessitates an either/or response, such as a command to slay an old comrade of the target’s when said comrade is attacking the sorcerer, he may call for a new Will saving throw and magic attack roll, but any such new Will saving throw will be at a -4 penalty and even success will not completely throw off the effects of the spell. In addition, a target who has succeeded at his initial Will saving throw automatically has the same -4 resistance penalty applied to all future Will saving throws against spells cast or caused by the sorcerer. The only ways for a totally or partially enslaved character to become free are for the sorcerer to voluntarily end the spell, or for it to be ended by the Rule of Impermanence.

Material Component: One dose of black lotus blossom, used during the consummation of the spell.

Focus: If a living black lotus plant is available within 20 feet, this can serve as a focus in place of the material component.

Material Component Option
The DC of the Will saving throw is increased by 10 if you use a fresh (less than 3 days old) human tongue is used a material component in this spell. If the fresh tongue is from a still-living human the DC is increased by 15.

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