Essential Salts

680 XP

MP Cost: 50
Threshold: 4
Components: V, S, (M)
Casting Time: One full round
Range: Close (25 ft.)
Targets: One living being or bottle of essential salts
Duration: Mortal
Saving Throw: None
Prerequisites: Alchemy 10 ranks, Heal 10 ranks, raise corpse

This spell is a method for a sorcerer to preserve his soul while long centuries pass. By reducing himself to a small pile of dust – his essential salts – the sorcerer can wait out an eternity, and be resurrected good as new in centuries to come.

The spell can be cast in one of three ways. First, the sorcerer can cast the spell on himself. This causes the sorcerer to crumble into his essential salts, effectively killing himself. This version of the spell requires no material Components.

Secondly, the spell can be cast on a pile of essential salts, bringing them back to life. The caster must make an Alchemy check at DC 25 when casting the spell. Increase the DC if the salts were not stored properly (+10) or were mixed with common dust or ash (+15). If this check is failed, then the target comes back only as a warped and twisted mockery of himself, suffering 1d6 Points of Wisdom and Charisma damage and gaining one point of Taint for every point of difference between the DC and the caster’s skill check result. When the salts spring back to life, and the target is fatigued for 1d6 days. The material components for this spell is the pile of essential salts itself.

Finally, the spell may be cast offensively, on a character that has already been brought back by the second variant of this spell. When the spell is cast, the target crumbles back into essential salts. The third variant of the spell has no effect on those who have not already benefited from the second variant. This version of the spell requires no material Components.

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