Eternal Warrior

510 XP

MP Cost: 10 per warrior
Threshold: 4
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One hour per warrior
Range: Personal
Target: Pre-prepared figure
Duration: Mortal, but number of animations limited to sorcerer’s HD divided by 3
Prerequisites: Arcana 10 ranks

This spell specifically animates warriors cast from terracotta or similar materials to guard a tomb or grave. Its primary use is by Emperors where entire terracotta armies are prepared but others have called upon a necromancer to animate one or two guardians and some jungle temples have eternal warriors as part of the general temple defenses but a similar spell also creates the bone and bamboo guardians of the Great Wall. The spell relies heavily on its material component, which is the statue to be animated. The figure needs to be specially cast, carved or molded, and a pint of its blood mixed with the material somehow. The figure can be of any type: the spell’s matrix animates it appropriately.

The spell is a powerful enchantment but it has limitations. The number of times an eternal warrior can animate is dependent on the level of the caster at the time he works the spell. An Eternal Warrior will animate, under strict conditions, once for every three HD of the caster (so a terracotta warrior created by a necromancer of level 9 will animate 3 times); however, once the figure comes to life, it remains active until either destroyed or commanded to halt by its creator. At the point of creation the necromancer must also specify the conditions that cause the figure to animate and what it must do when animated.

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