Excellent Mind (Tactical)

Prerequisite: Base Attack +5, Concentration 6 ranks, Diamond Mind.
Benefit: You gain the use of the following two tactical options.

Insightful Strike: As a standard action, make a single unarmed attack or a melee attack with a quaterstaff. Instead of rolling your normal damage and adding your strength modifier, make a Concentration check. Use the result of that check as your damage roll. After using this option you cannot use it again for 2 rounds.

Pearl of Doubt: As a swift action, you loosen your stance, but sharpen your mind, watching the ebb and flow of the battlefield. While in this stance, each time a foe misses you with a melee attack you gain a +2 bonus to AC which lasts for 1 round. This bonus can stack up to five times. You may spend only 5 total rounds each encounter in a stance, and after entering this stance you remain in it, until you leave it as a free action, or enter a new stance using a swift action.

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