Exotic Weapon Training Proficiency (Argavieso Fencing)

Key Attribute: Dexterity

This skill represents a specific kind of dueling technique popular on the islands of Taraga and Salamanca. The style uses the Dueling Needle exclusively, and focuses on quick, decisive thrusts and mobility over armor and more traditional attacks. A master of the Argavieso style is unpredictable and flexible both offensively and defensively.

This skill has no untrained uses - it is highly specialized knowledge, and a character must ranks in this skill to use any of the abilities.

Skill Rank Abilities

Rank 1 Abilities

Ability Name DC Description
Maneuver You learn two Swordsman Maneuvers of your choice. You gain an additional maneuver of your choice for every 2 ranks in this skill after the first.
Tactical Strike As a standard action, you may make a single attack, applying one Base Maneuver, one Multiplier Maneuver, and one Special Maneuver that you know to the attack's effect.

Rank 4 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Riposte When an opponent misses you with a melee attack, you may activate this ability as an immediate action to make an attack at your full base attack bonus. This does not count against your number of attacks of opportunity each round.

Rank 5 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Feint Opposed Roll As a swift action, you may make a skill check against one opponent's Perception check. The targeted opponent must be within your threatened area. If successful, the opponent is flat-footed until the end of your turn. If unsuccessful, attack rolls made against you by that opponent are at a +2 until your next turn.

Rank 6 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Prise de Fer When successfully striking an armed opponent, you may activate this ability as an immediate action to initiate a disarm attempt. This ability and the subsequent disarm attempt does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Rank 7 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Tactical Combat You may add your Intelligence modifier to your Defense and to all damage dealt with finesse weapons. These bonuses apply even against touch attacks or when you are flat-footed. You lose these bonuses when you are immobilized or helpless, when you wear medium or heavy armor, when you carry a shield, or when you carry a medium or heavy load.
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