Exotic Weapon Training Proficiency (Palantine Fencing)

Key Attribute: Intelligence

This skill represents a specific kind of dueling technique popular on the island of Palanta. The style uses the Dueling Needle exclusively, and focuses on carefully-timed lunging thrusts designed to circumvent both passive and active defenses. Masters of the Palantine style are feared for their lethal patience and for their casual disregard for armored foes.

This skill has no untrained uses - it is highly specialized knowledge, and a character must ranks in this skill to use any of the abilities.

Skill Rank Abilities

Rank 1 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Measured Attack You may may spend a full-round action to study an opponent. If you do so, your next attack on that opponent deals an additional +1d6 damage as long as it is made before the end of your next turn. This damage increases by +1d6 for every 2 ranks in this skill.

Rank 4 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Lunge You may lunge forwards to temporarily increase your reach. As part of an attack action, you may give your Dueling Needle the reach quality for that attack. This ability may be used in conjunction with other attack options (such as a Tactical Strike).

Rank 5 Abilities

Ability Name DC Description
Maneuver You learn a single Swordsman Maneuver of your choice. You gain an additional maneuver of your choice for every 2 additional ranks in this skill.
Tactical Strike As a standard action, you may make a single attack, applying one Base Maneuver, one Multiplier Maneuver, and one Special Maneuver that you know to the attack's effect.

Rank 6 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Fleche In a fleche, a fencer transfers his weight onto his front foot and extends his arm. He makes an exaggerated running stride towards his opponent, attempting to skewer them as he runs past to avoid counterattack. You may activate this ability as a standard action. Upon doing so, move up to your speed in a straight line that moves you past a chosen opponent. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity from this opponent. The first time you pass your chosen opponent, you may make an attack at your full base attack bonus, gaining all benefits of a Tactical Strike, as well as the benefits and penalties as normal for charging.

Rank 7 Ability

Ability Name DC Description
Redoublement This ability functions as the Lunge ability, except that after your initial attack, you may move 5' and then attempt a single, second attack at the same attack bonus. Your weapon retains the reach quality for this attack.
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