First Cohort (Style, Tactical)

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +7, Battle 8 ranks, First Rank.
Benefits: You gain the following tactical options:

Anvil-Striking Charge: As a standard action, you may make a bull rush attempt against a single enemy. Resolve the bull rush attempt normally. If your Strength check exceeds your opponent’s, then you bludgeoning damage equal to 6d6 + your Strength modifier in addition to pushing him back. In addition, if during the bull rush you push that enemy adjacent into another enemies’ space, then that enemy must make a Strength check, opposed by your original check made as part of the bull rush. If you succeed, then you may push that enemy in addition to the first one for the rest of the bull rush, and it also takes 6d6 + your Strength modifier damage. If the enemy wins, then your bull rush attempt ends. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for making this bull rush. After using this option you cannot use it again for 2 rounds.

Staggering Strike: As a full-round action, you make a single melee attack against each enemy you threaten at your highest base attack bonus, but you take a -2 penalty on each attack roll. Resolve each attack separately. If an enemy is damaged by your attack, then it is thrown off balance. You and all your allies gain the benefits of flanking whenever you attack that enemy for one round. After using this option you cannot use it again for 2 rounds.

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