Flames Of Ahriman

Fire Magic
510 XP

MP Cost: 30
Threshold: 2
Components: S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Medium (100 feet)
Area: Wave of flame 10 feet wide
Duration: Instant or one round per caster's HD
Prerequisites: Active heart of flames, active inferno heat
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for the victim’s saving throws

This potent attack spell, when cast, creates a wave of flames ten feet wide and ten feet tall that washes out from the sorcerer, starting at his position and rushing in a straight line out to the maximum range of the spell. Anyone caught in these onrushing fires suffers 2d6 points of fire damage. The one restriction on the spell is that the wall of flames must draw energy from a fire nearby – if the wall of flames does not have a flame within twenty feet of it, it vanishes.

For example, a hundred-foot long corridor is lined with five burning braziers that are spaced evenly down its length. The sorcerer stands at one end and casts this spell, and a wall of flame rushes down the corridor, sustained by the burning braziers, and so reaches a victim at the far end. If, however, the middle brazier was not alight, then the flames of Ahriman would vanish at the mid-point of the corridor, as there is no other fire source within twenty feet.

If the sorcerer uses the Feed the Flames spell, he may ignore this restriction for the duration of that spell.

If the sorcerer has the Balefire Wielder feat, he may infuse this spell with corrupted mana. In addition to the normal effects of the spell, victims must make a Will saving throw or receive a point of Taint.

You may reduce the area of the spell to 5ft. and increase the damage to 4d6.

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