Flaws are disadvanatges taken at character creation to provide you with additional Experience Points. They represent physical or mental handicaps that your character must overcome or work around.

Each flaw awards your character 500 XP. You may not gain more than 1500 XP in this way.

Whenever you can see that you are within 5' of the edge of a drop of 15' or greater, you become frightened and must move away from the edge as best you can. You Climb such heights at half normal rate (that is, one-eighth your speed). If you fall from a height of 15' or higher, you become cowering for 1d6 rounds.

Choose if you have lost an arm or leg.

  • Arm: The character cannot use ranged weapons that require two hands or two-handed weapons. The character takes a -2 on all charisma-based skill checks as society subconsciously dislikes such a thing. All checks and activities that rely on using two hands (such as use rope, handle animal) take a -5.
  • Leg: The character cannot gain the benefits of special boots or leggings that require both sides to be used. The character takes a -2 on all charisma-based skill checks as society subconsciously dislikes such a thing. All checks and activities that rely on using two legs (such as use balance, climb) take a -5.

Asthmatic characters lack endurance and can never take the feat Endurance nor any feat requiring Endurance as a prerequisite. These characters take -2 to Acrobatics, Jump, and Swim. Whenever an asthmatic character does strenuous activity for more than 1d4 hours, they become shaken and take -1 to CON for every 5 minutes they continue. If the character continues with the strenuous activities after losing 1d4+1 CON, the character collapses and remains unconscious for 1d6 hours. After this, the character is fatigued until the effect is dispelled or the character rests for at least 8 continuous hours.

Whenever a you are left alone, after 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the situation, you must make a Will Save (DC of 15) to avoid feeling symptoms of loneliness. On a successful save, you have conquered your fear for the time being. You must make a check every hour as of the start of being left alone thereafter and every hour grants them a cumulative -1 to your Will check (either saved or not). If you fail the save, you will receive a new saving throw every hour but the accumulated Will penalty remains until you have been relieved by someone 'familiar'. Your Will save will not go below your Wisdom modifier.

The results of a failed save may vary from huddling in a fetal position in the corner of a room, crying, or screaming out the names of your allies to come back and the like. A character will stay in one place until they are relieved or saved their check thus endangering them from animals/monsters in the wild and dungeons or from unknown opportunist in an urban setting, they can try to defend their self if they are in danger, but they will willingly go with someone who tries to help them out of their dilemma.

Binge Drinker
When your character is around and aware of alcohol your character must roll a will save (DC 16) to not drink. If you fail your will save, your character must drink one serving of alcohol. You may roll another will save to stop with an increased DC of +3 per serving of alcohol drank (stopping after your first serving has a DC 19, second serving has a DC of 22, so on).

You take a -4 penalty to Sense Motive checks and Perception checks.

Compulsive Gambler
If presented with a game of chance you must make a Will save (DC 15 + 1/2 character level). If you fail, you must attempt to partake in the game, regardless of the cost or stakes involved. If you succeed, you can choose to resist the urge and accept a penalty of -2 on all rolls for as long as you remain in the presence of the game or an hour (whichever is longer). If you succeed the Will save, you can also choose to willingly partake in the game and in doing so gain a +1 insight bonus to all rolls related to the game, for its duration. This bonus represents the temporary overcoming of your natural urge, enabling you to view the game with more distanced objectivity and cool resolve.

Likewise, if you are called to place a wager on anything, you must make a Will save (DC 15 + 1/2 character level). If you fail, you must accept the bet exactly as offered. If you succeed, you can choose to turn down the bet and accept a penalty of -1 to all rolls for that day, or choose to propose a counter-wager. To do so you make an opposed Bluff check with your "opponent" against their Sense Motive skill. If you succeed, they must accept the wager on your terms or back down with no penalty to you. If you fail, you must accept the wager on the original terms offered or suffer twice the penalty for turning down a bet (-2 to all rolls for that day).

In all instances, even if you attempt to cheat at a game or wager, in the end you've learned to pay your debts. If you lose at any game of chance or wager, you will do your best to pay for the loss even if it means begging, borrowing or stealing to do so. After all, a gamble without risk is no gamble at all.

Compulsive Killer
If anybody angers you, you must make a Will Save (DC 15 + 1 per character level) in order to avoid killing the person that angered you.

Dark Dreams
You are known to see strange, dark dreams, often representing an unpleasant future event. Every 1d4 days or at any night of the Games Master's choice, the character has an upsetting prophetic dreams. Upon waking, he must succeed a Will save DC 10+Half HD or take a -1 penalty to Initiative and Will saves for 1d4+1 hours. If the Games Master chose a specific night for a dream to occur, they must describe the dream to the player, and must manifest it either symbolically or literally later in the campaign. If the event perceived in the dream occurs, the Games Master must tell the player 1d3+Int modifier(or earlier if the Games Master wishes) rounds before the traumatic event would occur. The character must pass a Will save DC 10+ HD or take a-1 penalty to Initiative and Will saves until the event occurs or must do everything he can to stop the event from happening, regardless of danger to himself or others.

Once a day the player must make a will save (DC 20). If the player fails, the character is depressed and takes a -4 moral penalty towards all skill checks, attack and damage rolls, ability checks and saving throws. The depression last 1d6 hours. If the player gets a natural one he or she must make another will save (DC 15) to see if the character tries to commit suicide. If the player fails he or she must attempt suicide in some way.

Fear of Starvation
Unless you are in a metropolis-type city, you must always carry at least 1/2 your carrying capacity in edible substances (This doesn't include water). If you fail to do so, you are shaken until you manage to replenish your supplies. You also are 30% fatter than other members of your race due to your overeating after periods without additional food.

When you are dying, you only have a 1% change of becoming stable. In addition, you cannot restore Constitution damage naturally.

Nyctophobia is the fear of the dark. You refuse to enter dark places without light and must make a Will save DC 10 to do so. When in an area of shadowy illumination, you take a penalty of -2 to all attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws; in an area of full darkness, you take a penalty of -4 instead. The fear of the dark is heightened by imagination: a stuffed toy may appear a monster in the dark. When in shadowy illumination or darkness, all spells with the shadow descriptor interact with you as if they were 20% more real.

You can't be trusted with fire. If you have some sort of ignition source (matches, flint and tinder, any kind of fire spell), and you come across something that's just begging to be lit (old wooden house, a library, a cat), you must make a Will Save (14+1 to 10 for the object's supposed spectacularity when lit. A woodpile would rate something akin to a 1, whereas a giant keg of lamp oil might be something like a 10). If passed, you may continue on, but with an additional -1 to all subsequent Will Saves until you are far enough away from the object. If the check is failed, you will repeatedly attempt to ignite it until you're either arrested or it burns.

Substance Addiction
You are addicted to a substance which, if not indulged in regularly, prevents you from functioning properly on a day-to-day basis. Consult with your Games Master to determine what the specific substance is, but it should be either rare or illegal. As your level increases, so does your dependency on the substance and the amount you need to consume. You need to consume 5 sp x your HD worth of the substance daily. If you do not get your daily fix, you are shaken. After two days without your fix, you are both shaken and fatigued.

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