Forbidden Lore (Karamusan)

Karamusan was a powerful and feared warlord during the Time of Heroes. An exile from Naram, Karamusan was was captured and sold into slavery to a Brule warlord. Within five years, he had become the advisor to the cheif warlord, and when his master died, he assumed command of the tribe. For a fiery ten-year period, he built the largest army of Brule see since the time of Vaul, and led them in a great crusade of conquest across the Cradle of the World. He was worshipped as a God by his followers, feared as a madmen by those he conquered, and was considered the greatest military commander of the Time of Heroes.

The cult of Karamusan continues the dream of Brulish rule, and so most of its cultists are Brule. They tend to travel with the tribes, acting as advisors or emissaries. Most people outside the Brule tribes consider them to be dangerous lunatics.

Rank 1 Ability

Initiates into the cult are deprived of food and water until they begin to hallucinate. While in this enfeebled state, they have knowledge implanted within their mind. Part of this knowledge is the understanding of the cult's secert language. You gain the secret tounge as one of your languages known, but whenever you are in combat you can only speak and understand that language. This does not interfere with spellcasting, but it does apply to spells that are language dependent.

Rank 2 Ability

In a ritual that takes a full-round action and costs 2 MP, you can locate the nearest potable water source.

Rank 4 Ability

In a ritual that takes a full-round action to complete and costs 3 MP, you can mark a person or item with a magical rune. At any time after that, you may take the index finger of a human and place it in a puddle of blood. The finger will point itself in the direction of the marked object, no matter how far away it is. You may have a number of runes active at a time equal to your Intelligence modifer. You may mentally command the finger to point at any object you have marked, but it can only point to one object at a time. Changing the target is a free action. The rune lasts until you remove it.

Rank 6 Ability

As a full-round action, you may touch a corpse and spend 5 MP to animate the body. The corpse then stands erect, embraces you, and begins to warp and twist, wrapping itself around you to form a gruesome armor of bone and dead flesh. You gain DR 1/-, and 25 temporary hit points. These temporary hit points are not regained by resting. This effect ends when you sleep or when you have sustained 25 points of damage.

Rank 8 Ability

As a standard action, you may spend 3 MP. If you do, you gain the ability to travel along walls and ceilings like a spider (20’ movement) for a number of minutes equal to your Hit Dice. You do not loose your Dexterity bonus to your Defense while climbing, nor do opponents gain a bonus to attack you. To use this ability, you must have bare hands and feet.

Rank 10 Ability

As a standard action, you may spend 4 MP to gain a +10 to your Stealth skill checks for a number of minutes equal to your Hit Dice.

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